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Linda Bergkvist abot herself:

Born 1977. Sign of Virgo - which should mean I am a rather dull perfectionist, all in all. I know I'm a hopeless perfectionist, but I don't know about -dull-. I hope not.
Aside from that, I got my Wacom on my 20th birthday, I think it was, from my parents. At first, I told them that there was no way I could ever, ever, ever paint on that thing. I would use it only to fix my paintings once they were scanned. A week later, I was hooked. I find that I can experiment so much more when working on the computer. I grow bold: I try new things because I can save the original version of an image and I don't have to worry about a good picture being ruined for all time, because I tried something different with it. I was always terrified of that. My brush was shy against the canvas, and it stumped my growth.


In 1974, born in Hokkaido.
Birds have wings from early childhood to a true story, painting continues.
油彩watercolor and experience through 1998, with production to start DEJITARUPEINTINGU.
Currently, KAGAYA served as a studio assistant and also concentrate on creative activities.
And the theme of the bird's wings, jigsaw pieces that are commercialized.


Born in 1968.
Japanese fine artist.
A reputed world forerunner of Digital Painting --doing whole works thoroughly on computer.
Since he was fascinated by celestial stars in his childhood, he has been working for astronomy, contributing many astronomical illustrations to books, magazines, and planetariums.
Having his eternal motif in the grandeur of the cosmic world, he is also active in working for fine-art pictures and animation-movies.
While stars are drawn just as they really are, nevertheless, images are fantastic and inspiring, by virtue of his Hyper Realism and his Celestial Transparency.
He is most popular in Asia.
"the Zodiac, 12 Greek mythologies" is the best-seller in Jigsaw puzzles.
The minar planet 11949 is named Kagayayutaka after his real name in honor of his contribution to astronnomy as an artist.

Benita Winckler:

Benita Winckler, freelance illustrator & cat lover from Berlin, Germany.

ImagineFX magazine
2D Artist magazine
WDR / Germany
FANTASY magazine / China
ICON magazine / Korea
Nowa Fantastyka magazine / Poland
New Masters of Fantasy V. III / epilogue.net
Digital Art Masters V. II / Zoo Publishing [Launch: May/June 2007

Nell Fallcard

Current Age: 24 years oldCurrent Residence: Guadalajara,
MéxicoInterests: Drawing, writting, music, animation
Favourite movie: Interview with a Vampire
Favourite band or musician: Muse, 30 seconds to Mars, Evanescence, My Chemical Romance, HIM, Rammstein, Beseech, Negative...
Favourite genre of music: Alternative, rock, industrial, metal, goth...
Favourite artist: Escher
Favourite poet or writer: José Saramago
Operating System: Windows
MP3 player of choice: Winamp... I really have no choice XD
Favourite game: Castlevania SOTN
Favourite cartoon character: Alucard, from Castlevania SOTN
Personal Quote: The next sentence is fake: the previous sentence is true


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